MCE 2022 Donation Campaign

Fundraiser ends in:

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Campaign Goal:


Top 10 Students

  1. Gavin G. (2nd-Leija) - $1,015
  2. Ruth B. (2nd-Higgins) - $1,000
  3. Brylee T. (KDG-Fischer) - $1,000
  4. Remi P. (1st-Walock) - $864
  5. Hy-Linh H. (3rd-Johansen) - $850
  6. Leighton H. (KDG-Fischer) - $820
  7. Lincoln G. (2nd-Higgins) - $611
  8. Micah G. (KDG-Camp) - $610
  9. Cecelia C. (4th-Wagner) - $600
  10. Finnigan C. (2nd-Higgins) - $600

Top Groups

  1. 2nd-Higgins - $3,856
  2. KDG-Fischer - $3,300
  3. 2nd-Leija - $2,975
  4. 2nd-Reed - $2,231
  5. 3rd-Johansen - $2,219
  6. KDG-Camp - $2,196
  7. KDG-Bueker - $2,187
  8. 4th-Sharp - $2,019
  9. 4th-Wagner - $2,000
  10. KDG-Criswell - $1,741
  11. 1st-Walock - $1,627
  12. 3rd-Brown - $1,431
  13. 1st-Potter - $1,360
  14. KDG-Steinbacher - $1,160
  15. 3rd-Meister - $1,063
  16. 3rd-Mitchell - $997
  17. 2nd-Mark - $832
  18. 4th-Hartzog - $810
  19. 1st-McCandless - $755
  20. 1st-Spellman - $748
  21. 4th-Dean - $667
  22. 2nd-Joe - $638
  23. 1st-O'Daniel - $600
  24. 4th-Chamberlain - $440
  25. 3rd-Poynter - $390
  26. It Takes ALL of US - $300

WOW!! Our Maize Central Elementary Family & Friends are AMAZING!! We have smashed our nominal goal of $30,000 and we are still going until October 24th! Please DON'T STOP just because the meter is full. The kids have already seen T-Rex riding his bicycle in the hallways of the school plus, we’ll have an Ice-Cream Social for the entire school! But students are still working hard to reach personal and classroom goals. Plus, all funds raised, even those above our goal, will be used toward Classroom Supplies, Outdoor Equipment and Family Events! Plus, Mr. Jennings has challenged us to try our best to get to $40,000! If we can get there, our MCE T-Rex will shave his head at a school wide assembly! 


Welcome to the Maize Central Elementary PTO Donation Drive Page!
Every penny of the funds raised will go towards our goals (See them below).
Without our donation drive, this would not be possible.  
There is no door-to-door selling or delivering of products! 

How our Donation Drive works:

    1. Share your page with family and friends to gather donations!
    2. Donors can pay online or give cash and check donations.
      ** Safety is our number one 
      concern. Door-to-door solicitation is prohibited. Instead, ask family, friends, and co-workers to support student efforts.**
    3. By Oct. 24th, 2022, please send all cash/check donations to the school in the provided envelope. Make checks payable to: MCE PTOMake sure student, teacher and donor names are written on the envelope. The sooner the donation is paid, the sooner the student receives their prizes!
    4. Students that earn at least $25 in donations will earn prizes. Prizes are accumulative so the more donations, the more Prizes!
    5. Every time a student earns a T-Rex Ticket they will reach in the T-Rex's mouth to win fun collectibles!
    6. Wear your Pledge Bandz earned every day to show your accomplishments, but don't lose them. You'll need them to receive the prizes and incentives you earned!

Prizes & Incentives:

$25 in Donations- Earns your 1st T-Rex Ticket PLUS, you are in a drawing to win a $100 Gift Card to All Star Sports!

$50 in Donations- Earns an Orbiting Fidget Spinner & a T-Rex Ticket!

$75 in Donations- Earns a Lavender Pledge Bandz that allows you to go to the Principal's Office and receive Candy from his Candy Jar every Wednesday and Friday during the campaign & a T-Rex Ticket!

$100 in Donations- Earns a Silver Pledge Bandz that earns you a Blow Pop every Tuesday and Thursday during the Donation Campaign & a T-Rex Ticket!

$200 in Donations- Earns a Blue/Pink Pledge Bandz that allows you to play Extreme Paper/Rock/Scissors with Mr. Jennings and Staff Members at our Family Night! If you win, you'll get to Silly String them but if you lose, they'll get to Silly String you! Plus, another T-Rex Ticket

$300 in Donations- Earns a Camo Pledge Bandz that allows you to TP Mr. Jenning's office with our AMAZING Toilet Paper Launching Machine & a T-Rex Ticket!

$500 in Donations- Earns a Blue Swirl Pledge Bandz that allows you to attend a catered lunch for you and a friend & a T-Rex Ticket!

$1,000 in Donations- Earns a $100 Gift Card to Dave & Busters & a T-Rex Ticket!


***Plus, the top 10 students*** 
will receive a V.I.P. Pizza Lunch with our Principal Mr. Jennings 
***Campaign Goal***
When we reach $15,000 of our campaign goal, a T-Rex will ride a Bicycle in the halls of the school! Can't wait to see that!
Plus, when we reach our campaign goal of $30,000, we will have
an Ice-Cream Social for the entire school!
Each classroom has a donation meter and when the students work as a TEAM and achieve different donation levels, they earn FUN activities just for their Classroom! 

Plus, we'll all attend our AMAZING Family Night on Oct. 27th! Yes everyone, even you Grandma!

You won’t want to miss this MCE Family Fun Night. Here are just a few things we’ll be doing: balloon animals, giant inflatables like a 37’ Obstacle Course, Jacob’s Ladder and 16’ Slide! The best part is, everything is FREE! Come Hungry because Dinner is provided by MCE PTO!

We have some big donation goals set, but we know
TOGETHER we can accomplish ANYTHING!

We look forward to raising money for Classroom Supplies, Outdoor Equipment like a Gaga Ball Pit and Stencils for the Playground PLUS, Family Events!